8 Symptoms That Show Your Body Needs To Detox

Detoxification is a process where the toxins are removed from your body by following a proper diet routine. Usually, a detox diet allows you to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Now, as you make a positive change in your lifestyle in terms of food habits and other habits like sleep patterns, proper exercises, stopping some bad habits etc., your body starts elimination of toxins or toxic substances.

Our body has its own mechanism of self-cleansing i.e. self-detoxification. Specific organs in our body like colon, liver, kidney, lungs etc. are constantly working so hard to stop accumulation of the toxins or toxic substances in our body.

But at times due to our over-eating of junk food or more precisely unhealthy food and following an unhealthy lifestyle, the body’s own detoxification system fails to completely cleanse itself.

Here comes the importance of discussion on our topic 8 Symptoms That Show Your Body Needs To Detox as it is the time when we need to remove the excess toxins stored inside our body for long periods of time manually by us.

As our body goes through the process of eliminating the toxins and purifying itself, there are a number of symptoms created while detoxing.

There are different types of detoxification that our body needs to undergo to eliminate a specific item from our daily routine, like caffeine in the form of coffee or energy drinks, nicotine, over drinking of alcohol, refined sugar etc.

There are several ways to detox our body which are as follows:-

several ways to detox our body
Several ways to detox our body
  • Healthy food habits along with good intake of water, fruits and vegetables, different types of healthy seeds
  • Following a good regime of physical exercises on a daily basis

However, if one wants to follow a strict detox diet plan for a good energy boost-up and flushing off the body of toxins, the end result will be shedding a few extra kilos of your body.

The main motive behind this detoxification is to attain a state of safety and a relaxed level of mental & physical calmness.

Where does our body get the toxins from?

where does our body get the toxins from
Where does our body get the toxins from
  • The first one in this list is environmental pollution like air pollution, water pollution, usage of various pesticides and herbicides in our fruits and vegetables.
  • The other sources of toxins in our body are from consumption of chemicals through refined sugar, prescribed medicines, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco etc.
  • Metabolic reactions that happen in our body, which are produced naturally, due to the breakdown of proteins, sugars and fats, toxins. If your diet lacks nutrients, these toxins build up in the body.
  • Certain emotional events like stress, fear or trauma can affect your body’s natural ability to detox.
  • Toxins develop in our body as a result of indigestion causing an increased growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract which enter the bloodstream and result in various critical health conditions.

Now, coming back to our topic, detox symptoms are the indications that our body shows when it wants to get rid of toxins due to its failure to self-cleanse and self-heal up. The following are 8 symptoms that show your body really needs to detox now:-

Symptoms That Show Your Body Needs To Detox

1. Constant feeling of tiredness & low energy or Chronic fatigue

constant feeling of tiredness low energy or chronic fatigue
Constant feeling of tiredness & low energy or Chronic fatigue

Are you having a good 7-8 hours of sleep but still feeling very fatigued? If your answer is Yes, then definitely you are stressed under certain conditions and technically speaking your adrenaline glands are stressed and hence they are unable to supply the essential hormones to keep up the stress. This also shows that there is an imbalance of cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that your body releases to get rid of stress. This indicates that your body needs a good detoxification to release toxins in order to bring back your system in place and your natural detoxification process is really unable to cleanse your body from the harmful toxic substances.

2. Insomnia or Night sleeplessness

insomnia or Night sleeplessness
Insomnia or Night sleeplessness

If you face an issue while sleeping at night, be pretty sure that there is an imbalance of cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that your body releases to get rid of stress. Usually cortisol hormone levels are high in the morning and tend to fall low as night approaches. But if this imbalance will lead to the opposite to happen, that means, the level of this hormone will keep on increasing as night approaches and thereby making you more energetic and awake at night. Chronic insomnia leads to various medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases etc.

3. Weight gain

weight gain
Weight gain

A very important point to note about weight is you must stay healthy to lose weight but its never the other way round, i.e. reduce weight to stay healthy. It is because a healthy lifestyle will automatically lead you to weight management. But for reducing your weight, if you are eating less, it will only lead you to deficient diets and will not at all contribute to a good weight loss.

Now, in this context, if the scenario is something like you have tried your level best to reduce weight through a healthy diet, lifestyle and other good habits related to weight loss, but still you are unable to achieve your target, then you have to understand that your body needs to cleanse itself immensely from the bad bacteria and other toxins. Multiple studies have shown that pesticides, heavy metals, BPA from plastic and many other environmental toxins lead to significant weight gain.

4. Unusual food craving

unusual food craving
Unusual food craving

Craving for food indicates something unusual happening inside your body other than simply being hungry, thus contributing to your unusual weight gain because your craving is something more than your actual body’s requirement of food. So, if you are having food cravings quite often, you must be sure about your body to detoxify.

5. Frequent mood swings

frequent mood swings
Frequent mood swings

When we are experiencing something that is unexpected, the stress is felt by our body and mind first. To handle such a situation, our body produces dopamine and other chemicals. However, production of dopamine or the hormone responsible to keep you happy, can be blocked if such unusualness goes beyond control. In case this goes uncontrolled, it might even lead to depression and anxieties. This shows that your body has to detoxify itself to get rid of such diseases.

6. Frequent headaches

frequent headaches
Frequent headaches

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, this might be a sign that the toxicity level in your body has been way too much and you have to detoxify yourself.

7. Skin issues and body pains

skin issues and body pains
Skin issues and body pains

In case you are experiencing rashes or itchiness in your skin and muscle pains or joint stiffness, you have to understand that your body has built up toxins that needs to be thrown off. If something goes wrong inside your body, skin is the first one to reveal that and here also the same thing happens.

8. Difficulty in concentration and fuzzy thinking

difficulty in concentration and fuzzy thinking
Difficulty in concentration and fuzzy thinking

Deposit of toxins in your body can significantly lead to affecting the brain. This can be the result of certain substances like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame. MSGs are heavily present in all types of processed food and meat and aspartame is present in sugar-free beverages, gum and toothpaste. These two substances can even kill the brain cells, thereby preventing oxidation of the brain.

If you are experiencing almost all or most of the symptoms stated above, be assured to get your body a good detoxification process. So, at this juncture of my article on 8 Symptoms That Show Your Body Needs To Detox, I am sure that you are pretty much aware on if your body needs a good detoxification or not.

There are plenty of detox diets available in the market but you have to be very wise in making your choice. Some detox plans may really cleanse your gut system, however, there are some which can even lead to deposit of more toxins in your body. But, to start with, you can give a kick-start to detoxify your body is by drinking plenty of water followed by fruits and green veggies, nuts and seeds etc. because these are going to take care of your daily intake of nutrients in your body and also flush off toxins from your body. But finally you have to visit a good dietician to ultimately help your body with a good detoxification plan. So, without wasting any more time, give your body the relaxation from unwanted toxins and enjoy a stress-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Detox?

Answer: Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body of a living organism, including the human body. This process is usually done naturally by the body on a daily basis which is mainly carried out by the liver. Body can be detoxified physiologically or through use of medicines in case body fails to self-cleanse itself of the toxins.

2. What are the signs of detoxing?

Answer: When you are detoxifying your body of all unhealthy habits and refined / junk food and increasing intake of liquids, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and other healthier options, your body will all of a sudden start throwing off the built-up toxins all at one go, thereby resulting in certain uncomfortable symptoms commonly referred to as “detox” like:-

  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Mucus or other discharge
  • Frequent urination or loose stools
  • Constipation and diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue and low energy

3. Why are you experiencing Detox Symptoms when you cleanse?

Answer: Your body has been constantly consuming unhealthy food and has stored a lot of them inside. Now, when you are on a detoxification process, your entire food habits and other unhealthy habits have been replaced by everything healthy, hence your body takes time to cope up with the changes, thereby resulting in some kinds of uncomfortable symptoms which are called Detox Symptoms.

4. What is a detox headache?

Answer: Detox headache is a symptom shown by your body that intake of certain items like refined sugar, caffeine or some other unhealthy food and habits, that were earlier present, have been debarred from entering your system during the detoxification process.

5. What is a Metabolic Detox?

Answer: Metabolic detox is a process by which the body releases unwanted toxic chemicals by metabolizing them so that they can be excreted.

6. How to assist your body’s detox?

Answer: While you are on a detox diet plan, you must do the following in order to get the full benefits of the detox process:-

  • Increase your fluid intake
  • Increase your intake of fruits and green vegetables
  • Give your body enough sleep and proper resting time
  • Do not strain yourself through intense workouts or physical exercises, instead you must do walking, yoga and other very light forms of exercise that will boost your metabolism without straining your body

7. What do we know about toxins?

Answer: A toxin is a harmful substance produced within living cells or organisms. Toxins include pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and processed foods that affect our body’s internal mechanism in the worst possible ways.

8. When Detox Symptoms persist?

Answer: Usually few of the detox symptoms persist during the first few days to approximately a week or a little more than a week after your body starts flushing off the toxic substances from your body. At times, the detox symptoms can be quite predominant if deposit of toxins in your body is quite much and the lifestyle that you were following before starting your detox diet was much unhealthy. In this case, sudden change in your lifestyle and food habits may increase the load of your body to detoxify itself and hence detox symptoms may persist a little longer.

However, if your detox symptoms persist more than 10 days, you must understand that a change is needed in your detox plan. It is very much important to consult your physician or more precisely your dietitian before you start a proper detox plan as lesser calorie intake will lead to nutritional deficits instead of giving you a healthy lifestyle.

9. Why are you experiencing Detox Symptoms when you cleanse?

Answer: Your body is constantly self-cleansing itself as a part of its natural process irrespective of the fact that you are on a detox diet or not. This detoxification activity is mainly performed by organs like liver, kidneys, colon, lungs etc.

Your body experiences detox symptoms because of the sudden change in your normal daily routine and moving to a more healthy lifestyle and better food habit. During your detox process, you are most likely to cut out certain bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugars or processed foods etc.

10. Why does this happen?

Answer: To cope up with our fast-paced daily life, we sometimes start compromising with whatever we eat and more specifically its ingredients, thereby accumulating unwanted toxins in the body. To get rid of them, all that is needed is to leave all filthy habits and refined, processed foods and go completely natural as much as possible. The environment in which we live also has a big role to play in the deposit of toxins in our body. Environmental toxins basically disturb the delicate systems of the human body and can act as endocrine disruptors (Pesticides, PCBs and dioxins, plastics, paints, electronic equipments, Phytoestrogens, Phthalates, BPA etc.) causing cancer, organ failure, developmental problems (due to deposit of heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium) and leading to chronic illnesses.

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  2. A very methodical and comprehensive post. We hardly think over what's actually going in our body. Going through this I realised some of my symptoms may be related to toxin effects in my body. Thank you Anindita for this thoughtful write up. Looking forward for more of this kind.

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